Chocolate Hills of Bohol: Venture through the Eighth Wonder of the World

 This visually stunning landscape located in the Province of Bohol is a geological wonder. There are over 1,700 of these otherworldly cones spread across 20 square miles with the highest standing at 400 feet. These symmetrically shaped limestone hills resemble ruins from a lost civilization. Its name comes from the fact that these hills turn tawny color during the summer resembling Hershey’s Kisses; those tiny brown drops of heaven. The formation of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol remains a mystery with even geologists left bewildered by its uniformity. Here is a complete guide from the Chocolate Hills facts to the Chocolate Hills tour.

Traveling to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol

The easiest way to reach the Philippines Chocolate Hills is from Cebu City. You will need to take a ferry boat from the Cebu-Mactan Port. The boats stop at Tagbilaran or Tubigon ports but it is advised to get off at the Tagbilaran Port. Once at the port you will need to catch a bus to Carmen City. The transport costs around 30-80 Pesos depending on the type of transportation.

You will see a huge sign that reads ‘The Chocolate Hills’ you can get off here and hike to the ticket counter. The other option is to get off on the main road where you will find rental places. Rent a bike or car and drive yourself to the ticket counter.

Everything about the Chocolate Hills Tour

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol are breathtakingly beautiful and deserve your complete attention. The Chocolate Hills Complex is the perfect viewing point that is perched on one of these mounds. Climb a series of stairs to reach the top and get a panoramic view of the hills.

Most tourists visit Bohol for these Hills but the surroundings are just as appealing. The Tarsier Sanctuary is the best place you will find on your way to the hills. Turn your journey to the hills into a tour of the nearby attractions. This sanctuary houses the most adorable primates with chinchilla fur and cute bulgy eyes. Tarsiers live wild and free in this 10 hectares wood lot.

Another marvel is the man-made Mahogany forest. Every one of the thousand trees was planted by humans forming a maddeningly green space. A quick visual of this forest will leave you awe-struck at man’s determination. Aren’t these natural wonders just mesmerizing? Then pack those bags and book flight tickets to the Philippines at iEagle.

Legends behind the Chocolate Hills of Bohol

It is natural for stories to arise when something is left unexplained and the Filipinos are known for their artistic storytelling. Several legends are revolving around the formation of these limestone hills and surprisingly they involve giants. Many states that the lore was created to satiate the Filipino children.

The first tale revolves around two ancient giants who got into a fight in Bohol. They hurled rocks and sand at each other in the fight that lasted for days. The two giants were evenly matched and decided to call it quits. Their constant chucking led to the formation of these uniform hills.

The second story is a personal favorite, it talks about a giant named Argo and a mortal girl named Alaya. Argo was a hopeless romantic and fell head over heels in love with Alaya. Sadly, Aloya passed away leaving Arogo utterly broken. He spent the following days bitterly sobbing over his lost love. It is believed that his tears dried and formed the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

The third legend is a bit repulsive as it talks about a giant Carabao, which is a Buffalo native to the Philippines. This giant Carabao was notoriously known for finishing the island’s crops. So, to get rid of this extremely large pest, the villagers left out spoiled food to lure the huge animal. The glutinous Carabao finished the food and was left with an upset stomach. This led to the animal defecating violating which in turn formed the hills.

These immaculate hills are truly a sight to behold for nature lovers and just about anyone looking for a magical adventure. This trip lasts for just a day but the experience is for a lifetime. Now that you know every detail about the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, you can be your own guide and marvel your companions with the above folklore.


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